❋☃☃ KV Christmas Event 2014 ☃☃❋

KV Christmas Event - SL


❋☃☃ KV Christmas Event 2014 ☃☃❋

K.V. Dream Fashion Agency is organizing the “KV White Christmas”,
The event will take place from the 1st to the 31st of December.

In the frame of this big event we have 3 different events linked to each other:
1) KV White Christmas – GATCHA
2) KV White Christmas – Shopping Way (exclusive discounted items)
3) KV White Christmas – Haute Couture



1) December, 2nd at 1,00pm SLT: Rola Hykova – Bourlesque Show

2) December, 11th at 1.00pm SLT: White Christmas Fashion Show

3) December, 18th at 1,00pm SLT: White Christmas – Sponsors Fashion Show

4) December, 30th at 1.00pm SLT: Rola Hykova – Sexy UKD Christmas Show

5) Photo Contest

K.V. Dream Fashion Agency wish you a Marry Marry Christmas!!


Limo http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brimstone%20Island/51/106/34

Web http://kvdreamfashion.wordpress.com/


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