here are the Dress by !Lyrical Bizarre Templates  for the JOIN Hand Event


we all saw it on Televisionjoin-hands1
again and again
more as 7000 People are died and the other need our Help

a lot of Designer in SL
create some Items or Clothes for this Event!
all the Donation of this Purchases are 100 % in the fondatain.
read more next

Join Hands will partner with World Food Program all donations received during the event

Founded in 1961, The World Food Programme (WFP) is the food assistance branch of the United Nations and the world’s largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger and promoting food security.

With the magnitude of the Earthquake in Nepal the WFP immediate put together its Nepal Earthquake response cell and has been quickly moving to support the survivors.

WFP has three main goals under its Nepal earthquake response:
1) deliver food to survivors and those who need it most,
2) provide emergency operation assistance on a massive scale, and
3) help the humanitarian aid community with relief hub services.

Food Assistance

WFP is mobilising food stocks in the region, and is chartering a plane to fly in high-energy biscuits (HEBs) and other aid supplies to priority target areas. The Government intends to target areas within the Kathmandu Valley, while WFP is expected to concentrate efforts outside this area. Food trucks are on their way to affected districts outside the Kathmandu Valley, and food distribution have already started. Four assessment teams have been deployed to cover Gorkha, Lamjung, Sindhupalchowk, Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Dhading, Dolakha, Ramechhapp, Kavre, Bhakapur and Lalitpur.

WFP needs US $116.5 million to provide food for 1.4 million people for three months , which translates to US $ 27 for a person for the entire month until they are able to stabilize and organize their own means of sustenance.

Join Hands will support WFP in their mission and provide one of the most basic needs of human survival to those impacted by this massive calamity in Nepal

Read More About WFP :
If you would like to donate to the cause outside of the event please use the following link and we urge you to support us by spreading this information to a larger circle of your family and friends

Donation Link :


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