Wearing : 

FirestormOS-Releasex64 2017-07-05 12-35-37-99

Decor @ The Chapter Four

  • ionic : La Haciendita RARE
  • ionic : Living by the dream (Madera)
  • ionic : El Cactus, la piramide y las fases lunares
  • ionic : Los Cactus chiquitos
  • ionic : El guacamole y la cerveza
  • ionic : Las lamparitas de sal
  • ionic : La fuente de la Haciendita
  • ionic : Las Frutas
  • ionic : Los botecitos colgantes
  • ionic : La plantita de AloeVera
  • MOVE! Cologne Dance JELINA


  • find 15 “JELINA” Dances which are recorded with High Quality Cameras at a REAL CLUB with REAL DJs playing and REAL PEOPLE around, here in our Hometown Cologne Germany.
    These are Animations between Girly, Cute and Slow Style for Dancers in Clubs.

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